Unbearable ...Unbearable... Scheiss

Whither socialism, Pamplona doublethink, walking in the country, blowing up balloons, taking time to get to know the good things

I figgee thee, I figgee figgee figgee thee

The uninvited guest, the unexpected knock at the door, the unwelcome truth .... punitive superego, wayward id.... rubble strewn clinics, outlet to an estuary partially blocked with bibles,

I name this child Gonzalez,

Unbearable unbearable, unbearable scheiss

Titties for sale, titties for sale ,how much love, how much love .

In the brine, no one can hear you gasp ....

He's had his pubes shaved into the shape of my pubes, that's Unbearable

Tug the apeman - see the novice

Bob's your uncle, Ted's your father, Jim's your mother, he's not your son, it turns out, he's your mother, well don't blame me.....Bob's your uncle but you knew that already and you knew it, was Unbearable

And cats like Felix like Felix ,cats like Felix like Felix, like Felix, like faeces,like Felix

1 game, 2 games, 3 games, 4 games, 5 games, how many games ? no more games
Unbearable unbearable...Scheiss

How're the kids ? I haven't seen them for quite some time, I thought they might be dead..
tubby vicar, lonely vicar, fashionable vicar, loathsome vicar
teensy weensy tichy tiny little vicar,

Its Unbearable unbearable

Help help a vehicle is under attack

I feel nothing

unbearable, unbearable,

please call the police
i feel nothing,