ME & THE LASSIE by Modal Roberts

Celebration of the Lass of Gowrie Open Mic Night in Salford. Always welcoming and lovely atmosphere, my fave night out in oopps, almost said Manchester.then !

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"Captain Beefheart Alt Karaoke Tribute (plus bonus drunken impros)"

Three tracks from the dawn of the birth of alt karaoke recorded at the death of Captain Beefheart. "Big Eyed Beans From Venus" set to Neil Young's Ohio."Bat Chain Puller" matched  with The Hollies "Bus Stop" and "i'm Gonna Booglarise You Baby" forced into Simon and Garfunkel's "Mrs Robinson".
Plus mournful and mildly drunk versions of "Ella Guru", "Space Age Couple" and "Woe is a Me Bop" recorded at 4am with whatever came to hand minutes after hearing the sad news of the passing of the Don. Lofi recordings, rougharsed technique, real feeling.It wasn't a surprise, he'd been ill for years, hadn't recorded for 25 years but I felt angry with the world and liked it less without him in it