ERIKA LOVE is from Alberta in Canada.
She is an artist, poet , musician and teacher.

Both of her releases on Altitude Records so far began as poems she recorded which were then remixed and given a music production by Modal Roberts.
He says "Both tracks seemed challenging because of the high amount of background sound but in the end that just added character. It'd take a lot to distract fromĀ  Erika's voice which has a presence that draws your attention and doesn't let go."

"Path of Life" is an emotional journey that feels quite epic. It is mysterious yet the road described is one that most people will relate to.

"Age of Kali" also has mystery to itĀ  but is harder hitting with the focus on the rhythmic qualities of Erika's words reflected in a tight music track .

Instagram : @erikal0v

Path of Life

Erika Love

Voice & Words: Erika Love, Music & Production: Modal Roberts

Altitude Records 2016. All Rights Reserved

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