Altitude Radio

Latest edition Altitude 91, broadcast 23/02/2017 on Kaos Radio Austin
1. Bruce Springsteen - Candy's Room
2. Le Chocolat Noir - Never Let Go
3. Johann Kloos - Here in Britain
4. Anais Bokanovsky & Fay Roberts - The Changeling
5. Stuart Russell - Binary 7
6. Loudon Wainwright III - Four Is A Magic Number
7. Rose Niland - Beyonder Yonder
8. Frisco - Them Man There
9. The Lumerians - High Frontier
10. Johann Kloos - In Japanese
11. Ethereal Tribe- Dazed  
12. The Nightingales - My Girls Loved The Velvet Underground
13. Anais Bokanovsky & Fay Roberts - Misted
14. Modal Roberts -Ghost Image
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Since 2014 Modal Roberts has presented Altitude, a show that seeks to integrate music from various eras and genres.
The idea being to resist the trend to compartmentalise music while showing that there is still a lot of creative and original work happening now that can sit happily alongside the classic tracks of the past.

Starting off on local radio in Essex, the show moved in 2015 to Kaos Radio Austin in Texas. These days it is not produced weekly as it was in its first two years but new editions are still made regularly.